Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Topping the Tables

From the moment we started wedding planning (ok, more like a year before we started wedding planning...) I knew that I wanted colored table linens. I hadn't really thought about it until I read a post Pearls Events owner Aletha VanderMaas wrote about how colored or textured linens are a sure fire way to add some POP to the reception.

Pop you say?!

We need some POP at our reception!

We MUST have colored linens!

I didn't really think we had a budget for colored tablecloths, but it turns out we do! YAY! We decided that if we keep the flowers simple we could afford to brighten up the table linens. So, we decided to do large tufts of baby's breath for the floral centerpieces, which would allow our table linens to A) be purchased, and B) not compete with a huge, brightly colored flower arrangement.

I thought that once we decided to do colored tablecloths, the worst of our decision making was over. WRONG!

Satin, Taffeta, or Poly?

Round or Square?

How much of an overhang?

And for heaven's sake, what freakin' color!?

Our table are standard 60" rounds, and at first I thought we needed floor length tablecloths. Fortunately, many people talked me out of that. It's too difficult to maneuver a chair under a table when there is a long cloth there, and it also brings the possibility of someone accidentally tripping and/or pulling the cloth to one side or another. After looking at all of our options, and seeing some 90" square overlays in action over the weekend (more about that later this week!) we decided that 90" square satin overlays were what we wanted. The shortest part of the overhang would be about 15", which, from a distance, is long enough to hide the table legs, but still short enough so that people won't be pulling on it. Even though the corners of the overlays will hit the floor, I think it will work. It seemed to work just fine at the wedding I was at Saturday.

And now, the most important question: What color?

I knew I wanted green, but I also wanted to tie in the turquoise accent color we have. So, in keeping with the colors of a peacock feather, which will be making an appearance in a few places in our wedding, we decided on mixing three different colored tablecloths around the room:



Sage Green (This pic is brighter than a sage green, to me, so we'll see what it turns out to be like in real life)
All images courtesy of

I'm SUPER excited to see these in 7-14 business days. I'm hoping that when they're on the tables in the reception hall they'll look nice together, and not like a crazy explosion of bright colors. Fingers crossed!!

How did you dress up your tables? Any other ideas on how I can add some visual impact without a huge impact on my wallet?

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