Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lucky Guys!

This post is dedicated to the gifts Josh is giving his groomsmen (and ushers), so if your name is Paul, Gary, Josh, Justin, Jason, Brandon, Eric, or Tom, you probably should stop reading. Actually, I'd be surprised if you're actually reading this at all. If you are, don't worry about this post - go catch up with some of the archived ones. (But stay tuned for some pics of when you tried on groomsmen outfits... fun stuff). 

Those of you who aren't groomsmen can check out the gifts after the jump...

It took Josh a long time to figure out what to get his guys. From the beginning, all of the ideas revolved around getting drunk and smoking cigars. We are nothing if not classy folks. The problem was that my brother, who is an usher, is too young to drink and/or smoke, and one of Josh's groomsmen doesn't drink either. So Josh was trying to figure out something that he could get everyone and not end up alienating the two who don't/can't drink. 

But that was too hard, so he gave up and just got different gifts for the oddballs (and I mean 'oddballs' with much love). 

Josh, being the non-shopper that he is, was ready to pick up one of the ridiculously overpriced bridal magazines I get bombarded with every day, and order a bunch of crap. Well... I steered him in a different direction, to an overpriced website instead. The Knot was having a sale, and we stocked up on a few things for the guys:

All of the guys will get a monogrammed brown leather box:

The guys who drink will all get silver flasks:

The non-drinking but cigar smoking groomsman will get this cigar cutter:
My little brother will get this monogrammed money clip because he's almost 15, so he'll probably start carrying around a fat wad of cash...

My brother will also get an iTunes giftcard in his box, while all of the other groomsmen will receive cigars to smoke at the reception (or whenever their little hearts desire).

I think Josh did a good job picking out things that aren't terribly common, but are still useable for his guys. And this definitely beats the cowboy boots he had his heart set on purchasing for his guys!

So, any suggestions on good cigars he can buy? What did you end up getting your groomsmen?

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