Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Non--Wedding post

Maybe I'll stop fighting it, and start incorporating more non-wedding related things into the blog. My whole life doesn't revolve around the wedding, after all! (Well, at least that's what Josh keeps telling me.)

Memorial Day was pretty fun around these parts. I went to see Bridesmaids with my sister and Josh's sister, and we stopped for ice cream afterwards. Have you seen Bridesmaids? It's hilarious!! It's got the humor of the Hangover but still enough heartfelt parts that it was really enjoyable. While we were in the movie, Josh was working on his parents' farm, and he sent me a text that a glider had landed in one of the fields!

We stopped by the farm on our way home, and even though it had been 2 hours since it landed, the glider was still there. It was quite the entertainment for us, and other people at the farm, for the night! The three of us (me, Josh's sister, and my sister) hopped on the farm's John Deere Gator and headed out to the scene of the action.

This is what we saw when we approached the field. The glider is kind of hard to see at this point, but we could tell there were a lot of people around it! The pilot's friends had parked their Volvo next to the field, which was probably the first time any foreign machinery had had its wheels on farm ground!

Because the field was still pretty wet, the pilot's friend couldn't get his car to the glider in order to pull it back. So, Josh's cousin used his quad to pull the glider trailer out to the field and back to the car.
Some of Josh's cousins sitting on the ranger, watching the action unfold.

The pilot. He's originally from Germany, but now lives in Canada. He had a great accent, and I'm pretty sure he had never been this close to a farm before.

Josh's cousin Quentin (and one of our ring bearers) watching from a distance.

A few of the pilot's friends figuring out the best way to load the glider.

Check out that wingspan! It was huge!

Apparently it takes quite a few people to load a glider into a trailer. Who knew?
This was such a freak occurrence! It was a fun way to wrap up a busy Memorial Day weekend!

What was the highlight of your weekend? Any freak occurrences for you?

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