Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday!

I know there are a lot of blogs out there that feature beautiful shoes on Tuesday, but this blog isn't one of them.

Until today.

Saturday I was at an art fair with Bridesmaid Jenna, and we spotted a huge shoe store that was boasting terrific sales. Shoe sales? In an air conditioned store? We were SO there!

I've been looking for wedding shoes for awhile, but I hadn't been able to find what I wanted: Peep-toe mossy green heels with some sort of adornment on the toe. All of the pairs I had found were wayyyy more than I wanted to spend, so I had resorted to the possibility of purchasing a pair of dyeable shoes and having them colored to match what I wanted. (But something about that screamed "80's bridesmaid" so I wasn't really crazy about that option.)

Jenna and I searched and searched in the shoe store, going through endless doors and finding even more shoes! Seriously, almost like a dream. When we reached the "Formal Room" I did a quick scan for green shoes, but found nothing. So, I took a look at the dyables. There were some promising pairs there, but I wasn't head over heels [pun not intended... maybe] for anything, so we started to walk out.

Then I spotted them. And literally did one of those gasps where your breath catches in your throat and people turn around to see what you're problem is.

(And I may have done a mini-photo shoot this morning with my shoes on the porch [natural light!] to show you all)

They are Caparros' Narita style, in green silk and I'm in love :)

 All pictures by me :)

I'm toying with the idea of adding some peacock feathers to them so they'll tie into my feather accents... Nothing crazy, just one hot glued underneath the bow part either to the outside of my foot, or going up the front of my foot. Thoughts? Should I just leave perfection alone?


  1. So pretty!!! I LOVE them!!! Well spotted...

  2. awesome! i say leave 'em..they're beautifuL! but if you do a feather, do it on the outside of the flower and not super overwhelming.

  3. check this out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/56665870/peacock-teal-1-34-heel-shoes-with-your?ref=sc_11