Monday, June 20, 2011

A Picture-less post

This post will not have a picture. Why,  you ask? Simple: I can't find my camera. I had it last night when we left Josh's parents' house, and now it's gone. Vanished. Right into thin air, I tell ya! Which is a major bummer because I have the most adorable pictures to show you and to explain why I was MIA for a good portion of last week.

Alas, you will just have to trust me and know that it was for a really reason. A really cute, crafty reason. And I'll post pics the moment my camera decides to show its face (or lens?). Actually, I want a new camera, so as long as I find my memory card, I couldn't care less where the camera itself is. But I digress...

So, today is June 20th. Do you know what that means?

(Time out: Every time I ask Josh what the date is, I think he thinks it's a test of whether he remembers important dates, because sometimes he looks a little panicked and takes a minute to respond. Most of the time, I honestly just don't know what day it is. But it's kind of funny. Time-in)

We have 2 months until our wedding.

2 months, people!!

Holy cow, how did the last 7 months go by so fast? Seriously. And the next 2 are going to go by even faster! I've got 2 bridal showers and a bachelorette party, plus all of the loose ends to tie up. Thankfully, my family and Josh's family have been awesome at helping out. Otherwise, I would be pulling my hair out by now. And bald just isn't a good look on me. Even with a veil. 

So, what's new with you?

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  1. Enjoy your last two months--it will FLY BY! :)