Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Wow... so Blogger tells me I still have 21 followers. How faithful you are to still follow this boring, non-informative blog.

I let my blog go by the wayside for a while (obviously). I'm not really sure why, but it just wasn't a fun thing for me anymore. It seemed pointless to continue with something that felt like a chore, so I just stopped for awhile.

However, I kept reading and discovering new blogs and new people to follow. Inevitably, the itch to write came back. And I've got so many things to share! A lot is happening with us right now, and I feel the need to document it. Hopefully when we're old and gray (and the kids laugh at people who used to blog), we'll have something to look back at and reminisce. At least that's the hope.

So, what's been going on around here?

  • We didn't get the house mentioned in this post. But - we're waiting to hear back about an offer on another house. Actually, this is our second time offering on said house, and hopefully will be our second time receiving an affirmative answer. It's a long story, but it basically boils down to Bank of America wasting our time for 4 months, and forcing us to burn through 4 extensions on the purchase agreement. The only way to close  the loan was to rescind our offer, let the house go back on the market, put in another offer, and go with a different bank. Seriously, the last 4 months have been a nightmare on the house front.
  • We've been living (almost all the time) in  married bliss for the last 7+ months. Time flies! I can't believe we'll be celebrating a year in such a short amount of time.
  • My sister-in-law (Josh's sister) is getting married! Two days before our first anniversary, we'll be celebrating another wedding. I'm really excited about the plum-champagne-ivory affair, especially because there will be an ice cream sundae bar in lieu of cake. This make my frozen treat loving self very happy.
  • My step-sister is getting married! She and her fiance got engaged a few weeks ago, so we'll be planning another wedding for June! I'm in the process of compiling lists of advice, websites, and people for her to check out after she's done with this semester of college. I just love helping people plan weddings!
  • I started a job (the main reason I couldn't blog anymore - it was a complete timesuck), quit said job,  interviewed for and didn't get a job, and continued to look for a job. I'm still plugging along with my one-on-one teaching job with kids who are out of school (homebound) for medical reasons. It's a pretty sweet gig, but I'm starting to crave my own classroom.
  • I'm attempting my own blog redesign with a little help from some awesome Etsy scrapbook paper and some of my own (lacking) design skills ... we'll see how that goes. 
I'm looking forward to blogging. I can't wait to get back in the blogopshere!