Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frill, with a Splash of Pink and Sparkle

I don't know what could describe a better gift for a flower girl!

(this post could also be titled: Exhibit A - Why I Need a New Camera)

Last month I was part of a 14 person caravan down to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Yes. 14 people. 2 minivans. We left at 2:00 AM, and got to Fort Wayne around 5:00 AM (Panera isn't even open at that hour, in case you were wondering). Now, I got lots and lots of deals that day, but today I'm going to focus on the gift I'm giving to my flower girl, Grace.

I didn't have anything in particular in mind as I scoured the tables mountains of purses. But then I saw a table with some of Vera's Frill collection. It was PERFECT for Grace. This collection is a more graphic take on her patterns, and all of the items have a durable plastic-y covering (Not in like a gramma's-squeaky-slip-cover covering, but more like a super durable, un-stainable covering).

I SEARCHED for something pink, but I only came up with something purple. I figured that since it has flowers on it it would be ok... let's hope so! Now, because of my horrible camera and lack of natural light in the rainy, gloomy middle of nowhere, the colors and pictures aren't the best quality. It was hard to take a no-flash picture without it ending up blurry, and it was hard to get the color to look right when I used the flash... ugh. So, even though you see a total of 4 pictures, keep in mind there are about 27 others on my computer that didn't make the cut!

[I may or may not have set up a mini-photo shoot with a chair draped in a tablecloth as a backdrop...]

Rosie Posie Hipster - which should make a perfect purse for a 6 year old when the long strap is knotted. You can see the other colors here

 So what's inside this cute little hipster? A bottle and some tissue paper?

 Sweet Pea bubble bath - chosen solely for its pink color. And of course, because it's bubble bath. Who doesn't love bubbles!

 I picked up this necklace because it's pink. She'll wear it in the wedding, even though it doesn't match any of our colors. I kind of don't care. I figure that since she's the one who has to wear it, she may as well like the color! And she'll probably get more mileage out of it after the wedding!
Curse you, camera, for blurry pictures!
 I'm also looking for a small, inexpensive tiara that she can wear. Any ideas where I can find one for under $10? All of the tiaras I've found are either huge, gaudy, or $25+.

What would you pick as a gift for a flower girl? Any ideas for something that could take the place of a tiara if I can't find one?

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