Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come to our Wedding: The Deets

A sneak peek at a few of the details in our invitations. A full reveal coming up soon!
Lindsey and Ashley cutting strips of paper for the squares on the front of the invites!
My mom working hard to get the small green squares stuck on the larger emerald/teal squares!
I used my Cricut to cut out Rs. I went through a few different font choices, but ultimately decided on George. We used the R, but bolded to give it a little more width.

The finished product! The Rs gave my sister so much grief. I think these really made the invites, though. Otherwise, it would just be a blank pocketfold on the front!

Another element that made the printed part of the invite stand out was the matting behind it. I chose to buy them pre-cut from Cards & Pockets instead of cutting them myself. It amounted to about $.17 per invite, but I think it was worth it.

Lindsey lining up the mats and sticking them with photo mounting squares! I think we went though about 7 boxes of squares throughout the process of invite construction.

The finished pocketfold, just waiting for inserts and an invitation!
Tomorrow, I'll walk you through the entire invitation :) I'm pretty pleased with them, and SO grateful for all the help from family members!

What details did you want to incorporate into your DIY project?

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