Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Little Pesky Detail

When is this shin-dig going to happen??

Josh and I had a lot of ideas about when we wanted to have our wedding, but unfortunately, short engagements throw a wrench in even the best thought out plans. We love the idea of getting married in the fall. Both of us love that season and the weather in mid-Michigan is beautiful that time of year. However, with me (hopefully) beginning my first year of teaching, I didn't feel comfortable having to ask a future employer for time off so close to the beginning of the school year. So, rather than have a super-long engagement, we decided that summer of 2011 was our best bet.

I NEVER thought I would have a summer wedding. Summers in Michigan are HOT and HUMID! With my sorta-curly hair, this is what I was afraid I would end up with:

Not exactly the image I'm going for on my wedding day. But, due to the time constraints and life events, we decided that the wedding would have to be in the summer. There was just no way around it! 

So, once we decided that we would get married in the summer, it was time to choose a date. We didn't have any specific date in mind, thankfully. Once again, the short engagement dictated a lot for us. Many venues were already booked solid for the summer, so when we finally found the venue and caterer we loved, we took the one open date they still had:
That means Josh and I will be married exactly 7 months from today! CRAZY! 

How did you choose your wedding date? Was it dictated by availability, or do you have some significance behind the date you choose?

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