Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Great White Dress Search: Part 2.5

Subtitle: In which I get stuck in a dress.

Yes, really. I got stuck in a dress.

The sales lady gave me a beautiful, mermaid-style, white satin dress to try on. It was beautiful! I looked at it on the hanger. It was about two sizes too small, but I figured we could remedy that with a few clamps, right? WRONG. So, I get the dress on, and seriously contemplate buying it. It was so pretty and so figure-flattering. (Actually, at the end, it came down to this dress or the one I actually purchased).

As I pulled it over my head (because there was NO way it was going over my hips!) I realized it was getting a little snug. My arms were outstretched over my head, and they wouldn’t budge. I was officially stuck. I hopped up and down a little bit to try to get a little help from gravity, but to no avail. 

I was stuck.

Here I was, in a small dressing room, with a dress half-way off my body, arms outstretched over my head, not able to move. I started to laugh a little, and called for my sister to help tug the dress off of me. Then the giggles started – I couldn’t stop laughing! My sister opened the curtain-door and immediately was giggle-ridden as well. She could barely stand up because she was laughing so hard. Of course, this caused the sales lady to pop her head in and see what was going on. She took it upon herself to help me out of the dress – since nobody else could do it! I was finally free! But- let me tell you one thing- standing in front of your family and a sales lady in nothing but your undies is a humbling experience!

Next post: My big dress reveal!!

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