Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get in My Belly!

That lovely title would be a quote from my sister... and it just seemed fitting for today's update.

Confession: We booked our reception venue around our caterer. Once we found a caterer that was affordable and had amazing looking food, we were hooked. We've decided to go with Adeline Leigh Catering. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find a venue that allows outside caterers to come in. Once we found one, we were hooked (I’ll post about that later!). But seriously – check out these pictures from their website. How could you not want to eat every morsel of food!

  All photos courtesy of Adeline Leigh Catering

 Doesn't it look delicious! We had a tasting yesterday and got to sample some food. And our bonus for the night – Josh won a doorprize! We get $25 off of our catering package, which may not sound like a lot, but hey – every little bit helps!

So – for the important part - what did we decide about the food? We talked about doing a plated dinner early on in the planning process (read: before we were engaged), and thought that was the direction we were headed. However, the pricing got to us. The buffet option through Adeline Leigh was about $4 cheaper per person. $4x300 = $1200 of savings = Buffet it is!

The menu:
-Not fully decided yet, but these were what we liked –
Stuffed mushroom caps, shrimp and artichoke fondue appetizer, crab cakes, and beef empanadas (well, actually I was the only one who liked the empanadas)
We didn’t taste the bacon wrapped water chestnuts or pineapple, but that’s another thing we’re thinking about for appetizers.
Probably some chips and salsa and/or veggies and dip

Bourbon barbeque salmon
Beef tips in marsala sauce

Caesar salad
Asiago mashed Yukon potatoes (OMG to die for!)
Steamed and seasoned vegetable medley (we decided to design this one ourselves) – broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots

Wedding cake – duh! We sampled some delicious flavors last night.
I was fond of the spice cake with house filling (Bavarian crème mixed with “bettercream” frosting – soooo light and airy, perfect for a frosting-hater like myself!)
Josh liked the marble cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting
The white cake was delicious, too! So many yummy options to pick from!

Did you end up choosing anything you hadn’t selected yet? What was your tasting experience like? Was it an individual or group setting?

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