Monday, January 31, 2011

Fit and Fabulous!

Josh and I have been eating better in order to get in shape for the Big Day, but I decided I need a little more motivation. Cue one of my favorite bloggers: That Wife AKA Mrs. Avocado. She's having a weight loss challenge contest with the grand prize being a free photography session with her (she is  Jenna Cole Photography, too). I jumped at the chance to do this. Not only will I be losing weight, getting healthy, and getting in shape for the wedding, I also have a chance to win an amazing photography session with a talented photographer in Chicago! What a bonus! Even if I don't win, I'll still feel TONS better about myself in my dress.

I'll be using my Wii Fit and to track my nutrition and weight loss goals. Any tips for this website? I've never used it before. Any tips for weight loss and/or exercising for a busy gal like myself?


  1. Hello again!

    So if you don't win a free session with that photographer - we could probably do a little mini session if you want :D. I just started weight watchers so its pretty motivational for me too!

    Oh! Hah, to answer a question from your last post - I don't remember if I said this at our original meeting, but i totally found a photographer through craigslist for my own wedding. yay for craigslist!

  2. I forgot to say, "we can do a little mini session for free" that would kind of be the key word there :D

  3. Good luck Ash! I'm doing the same through a "weight race" program at work. My suggestion to you is to buy as many low fat, reduced fat, light, etc. ingredients as you can when buying groceries to make every meal you cook less calories. :) I use its a lance armstrong website to track my calories. Its a HUGE wake up call when you start putting in normal foods you eat and realize how many calories they are! MISS YOU LOVE YOU!!