Friday, January 28, 2011

The Great White Dress Search: Part 3

The big reveal:

Although I debated between the dress I chose and the dress I got stuck in (hereby re-named the Sausage Dress, because, well, that's what I looked like) for a little bit, my mind was truly made up. I knew that I liked the Sausage Dress, but I LOVED - pink puffy heart love - my dress. So which one was it?

Here it is! The name is 8634 - Romantic, right?

I couldn't stop thinking about this dress, and it was the dress that we compared all other dresses to. So, remember way back when I said I wouldn't buy anything because I had my heart set on a different dress that the boutique didn't have? Yeah... that rule went right out the window when I tried this dress on. Plus, since it was my first visit, the boutique threw in a free veil! I couldn't say no to that! 

Plus, I keep seeing it in magazines and getting butterflies. It's awesome to see my dress in a magazine ad!

So, what was your dress-hunting experience like? Did you have your heart set on something but ended up falling in love with something else? How many tries did it take to fine The One?

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