Monday, January 24, 2011

The Great White Dress Search: Part 2

When we left off, I had already chosen my perfect dress. However, I wouldn’t be able to try it on because the sample had been sold off-the-rack. I was sad.
Don't worry, Dawson. I'll be ok.  

Yet I trudged on! So, with the help of my sister, my mom, my stepmom, and Josh’s mom, I gathered quite a large selection of dresses and stuffed myself into a dressing room (with a very thin curtain-door, might I add…). I tried on the first one, walked out, saw myself in the mirror, and promptly walked myself back into the room. Yuck. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures; just trust me - the dress was bad. 

The second dress was definitely more promising. 

I loved the v-neck and the fit-n-flare style. It was the perfect mix of lace with a little bit of bling under the bust. Perfection!! That dress started the YES pile.

I tried on umpteen million more dresses – ok, maybe it was closer to fifteen. Some of my favorites included these non-strapless, lacy beauties:

So what did I choose? I guess you’ll have to wait for the big reveal! (Don’t worry, I’ll post it soon – I’m not good at keeping secrets!!)

all photos (except Dawson) courtesy of Allure

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