Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Great White Dress Search: Part 1

One perk to being a wedding blog stalker reading a lot of wedding blogs is that I’m exposed to lots of different ideas. Since I’ve seen a lot of ideas, I tend to think I know exactly what I want, or exactly what I definitely don’t want. Take my wedding dress, for instance. I knew exactly what I didn’t want: strapless, ball gown, lots of sparkle, pick-ups, a long train. So, what does that leave for me to try on? Honestly, not much! However, I’ve fallen in love with Allure Bridals. They’re affordable and beautiful! After perusing their website, I had a few favorites in mind.

My absolute number one pick - the dress I KNEW I would be walking down the aisle in – was this.  I memorized the number and all of the specifications of the dress. I put the picture in my wedding file, and thought nothing of it. I would wear this dress to marry Josh.

6 days after we got engaged, I had an appointment to try on dresses. I had made an appointment at a local boutique that sells Allure, and I was confident that I would be purchasing my dress that day. I even called ahead to make sure they had my dress so I could try it on. That’s when I got some disappointing news: 

They didn’t have it. 

They had sold the sample to someone else and hadn’t gotten a replacement in yet. Cue the sadface from me. I was so sad! I couldn’t try my dress on. But, I decided that I would just try on other dresses to see what else was out there, but I wouldn’t purchase anything until I had a chance to try on MY dress. So, what did I do at the appointment? Stay tuned to find out!

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