Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspiration to [Almost] Reality

A while back, I posted about my floral inspiration of spider mums, bells of Ireland, and baby's breath. Well, I finally got to meet with a two florists about our wedding flowers! We've decided to go the DIY route, so we were looking for a florist that could order our flowers, provide a space for us to put them together, and provide cooler storage so my pretty petals don't melt away in the August heat.

I even found a few new pictures to show my florists for inspiration. And of course, my printer picked this day to crap out on a few colors, so it was a little difficult to show the flower-ladies exactly what I wanted when my green spider mums looked more like dandelions.



And I even learned of some new flowers to obsess over! These beauties will be making an appearance in my bouquet:
Green Gladiolus
I loooooove the shape of these, and the color is perfect. It's green without being lime-y, yet still bright enough to pop out against my dress.

Blue Dendrobium Orchid
When I heard that these were orchids, I immediately wrote them off as being too expensive. Orchids in my budget? No way! However, these are relatively cheap - about $4.00 a stem - and each stem has at least 2 blooms. These will be in my bouquet and Josh's boutonniere only as a way to set us apart (as if the white dress wouldn't be enough...). 

For the groomsmen/ushers/fathers/grandpas, we opted for a simple boutonniere like this, with the addition of a peacock feather:


However, I'm also liking the idea of using green wheat as a nod to our farming background, but I can't really find a picture of what I'm envisioning.

What flowers are your favorites? Did you discover a new preferred bloom after talking to a florist?

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