Friday, May 13, 2011

Location, Location, Location

So... I've only seen our venue in person one time. 


And I didn't even take pictures. [Insert 'fail' or *facepalm* comment here]

Our guest list is coming in at around the 340 mark... and our venue holds 300, so I'm told. I remember thinking that it might be a tight fit for 300 people when we visited about 6 months ago, but I brushed off my fears, figuring it must be larger than it looks. 

I keep stalking their website to calm my fears, but I'm afraid it's only making it worse. I love how everything looks, but I'm just doubtful that all of our people will fit. It's probably the one part of our wedding that I'm freaking out about. It makes my stomach clench up in knots when I look at the pictures, but yet, I continue to do so... I guess it's my crazy bride brain getting the best of me.

But, like I said, I love how it looks, and I think it will be the perfect backdrop to our baby's breath and bright colored tables (I'll post about my ideas for that in a little bit!).

The view as you pull in. All of the windows to the left of the entry way are part of the reception hall. The other half is a bar/American Legion.
There's a circular dance floor in the center where they set up the buffet tables. I'm worried we won't have room for our food because we'll need to seat people there! Also, it would be ideal for our band to set up before dinner, but if there are people seated on the dance floor, that won't be possible...

Another view of the room. I loooove the higher ceilings and natural light. Any guesses on how big those tables are? I was hoping that they're 60 inch tables, and that 10 people can fit at them.

There's a nice patio, so I guess we can stick the people we don't like outside :) Just kidding!!

Did you have a freak out during your planning? Do you think my venue actually seats 300? (Just say yes to make me feel better :) )


  1. Yes, I totally had a freaking planning my wedding...and I am a wedding planner! Haha.

    Okay, my first question is this--are you *inviting* 340 guests or have 340 RSVP'd yes?

    If you are inviting 340 guests, the standard calculation says you should expect 258 guests. (Take number of invites*1.15*.66).

    If you had 340 RSVP, you should definitely talk to your in house coordinator about accommodating the extra guests.

  2. We have 340 on the list, but because of how close our family is, we expect to have a higher rate of yes RSVPs than normal... I'm hoping we can be around the 280 mark when all is said and done, but it still seems like it's going to be a tight fit.