Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dressin' the [Little] Girl!

Once my bridesmaids' dresses were picked out, it was time to focus on the flower girl! From the get go, I really wasn't that opinionated about what our flower girl would wear. I decided to give her a choice: white dress like mine, or tutu made of green and teal tulle. Grace chose to wear a white dress like mine! 

One of my bridesmaids is also getting married this year, and her mom told me to check Burlington Coat Factory for flower girl dresses. She said instead of spending $100+, it was much more affordable. That made me happy - I tend to feel like a guilty puppy when I choose people to be a part of our wedding, and then make them shell out tons of greenbacks in order to do so. Am I the only one?


I decided to stop by Burlington Coat Factory to see what they had, and I ended up buying 4 dresses for Grace to choose from. Since we live about 45 minutes away from a 'big city' it made more sense for me to bring the dresses to Grace instead of the other way around. I thought this was a good solution because it gave Grace the ability to choose what dress she wanted, but I could have a little more control over the price and style. After she selected a dress, I would just have to return the other 3. It worked out perfectly!

I brought the dresses over to Grace's house and we had a mini fashion show! She tried the dresses on and then we took pictures with her perfectly pink bedroom walls as a background.

Admittedly, this was my favorite before she tried it on.  I liked the woven detail and little pearl accents. But Grace wasn't as crazy about it. The fit wasn't right, and it just didn't make her happy. And, a happy flower girl is a happy bride!

I placed my bets on this dress as the winner before she tried it on. It has a sequin flower midsection with little sequin flowers all over the skirt. I don't think Grace hated it, but she definitely had her sights on a different dress...

This was the last dress Grace tried on, and it was clear that she liked another one better. This dress reminded me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the swoopy organza around the neckline, but it just wasn't exactly right.

The clear winner of the night! This was actually the first dress Grace tried on, and I think she was comparing all others to it. With its mini pick-ups and detachable rosette, we've got ourselves a flower girl dress!

You'll notice that Grace's smile is much bigger in the first dress she tried on (which is the last one pictured in the post... just because I wanted it to be a little confusing for you all...) which I think says it all!

How did you pick your flower girl's dress? Did you allow the flower girl to have any choice in the matter?

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