Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm probably a little crazy...

but I'm afraid to pick up my wedding dress.

A few days ago my cell phone rang. Now, I should probably preface this story by explaining that since Josh and I live in the Middle of Nowhere, we have horrible cell phone reception. It's virtually impossible to have a phone call with someone without the call dropping in a few minutes. However, we have a window in our kitchen that seems to get better (about one bar of signal) service, so if we do answer a phone call at home, we usually press ourselves up against that window so we can actually hear.
Just add a cell phone and this is what I look like... Source

So now that you have that nice visual...

My cell phone rang. I grabbed it, said hello, and rushed over to my window spot. Unfortunately, I could barely hear the person (it didn't help that Diesel, my dog, felt the need to bark at something out the window at that very moment). All I could hear was, "Hi... dress in.... appointment..." mixed in with a bunch of static. I immediately felt a pang of panic, blubbered the words, "Hi... huh?... oh, ok.... yeah thanks," (which, in retrospect, sounds a lot more rude than I hope it came across).

My dress is in. (I posted my lovely here)

Um... ok that was fast. A million thoughts raced through my head:
What if I don't like it anymore?
What if it doesn't fit?
I don't have wedding shoes!!
I don't have wedding.. ahem... undergarments!!
Why didn't I eat more celery sticks and less Reese's Easter Eggs? (sidenote: Isn't Easter Candy amaaazing!)
Where am I going to keep this huge dress?
What if Josh sees it?
And so on... you get the picture.

Then I decided that I must be insane. What bride is afraid to pick up her wedding dress? All the brides I talk to or read about are more than excited to see their dress in the flesh. But why not me? After all, I fell in love with it almost instantaneously. Every time I see it in a magazine I get butterflies. But still, it just seems so strange to me that it's here!

So I'm working up my nerve to go pick it up. I think I'm ready, I just have to figure out a time that works. I think this was my reality check. It's like this wedding is actually happening, and in less than four months! I'm sure my anxiety will subside once I actually try the dress on. Here's hoping!

Did you have a wedding 'reality check?' Were you afraid to get your dress (please tell me I'm not alone here!)? What part of your wedding gave you anxiety that you weren't expecting?

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