Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Palette, or, How My Mail Picked My Wedding Colors

Wedding colors are one of my favorite things. I love color! I eagerly wait for Pantone to put out their color report every spring and fall, and then match colors up and pick my favorites. Nerd alert!!

When it came to our wedding, I didn’t want to take over planning and leave Josh out of it. I’m a fan of the colors pink and purple, but I tend to gravitate towards cooler colors both in decorating and in my wardrobe. Green has always been my favorite color, so I knew it would play a part in my wedding choices. But what shade? Ohhhh the specific shade… A question that has confused many a man for quite some time.

“You mean there’s more than just one shade of green? I thought green was green…?”

I knew I didn’t want anything too bright. I like lime green enough, but I just couldn’t ask my girls to wear bright green dresses down the aisle. I also knew I didn’t want anything too dark. It’s a summer wedding after all, and I couldn’t picture dark forest green dresses fitting into my scheme. I ended up ordering some sample bridesmaid dress colors from NataJane on Etsy in April of 2010 (only about 7 months before I was engaged), and surprisingly, that helped me pick the palette. I opened my mail that day, and saw a piece of cardstock with about 8 shades of green and blue fabric stapled on to it. Adjacent to one another were Moss and Peacock – and I was in love. Instantly. I loved the brightness, yet subtlety of the moss green color, and thought the deep peacock teal was a great accent. It wasn’t too girly, too stuffy, or too over-the-top. It was perfect.

And so, our color palette was born. I found these inspiration boards on The Perfect Palette, and they just about sums up our colors: Moss green, deep teal, charcoal gray, and white!

 Hmmm... I'm loving all of the peacock accents!!

How did you choose your color palette? Were you overwhelmed at the choices? What ultimately led to your decision? How many times did your palette change?

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