Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabulous Photographs

Photography can make or break your memories of your wedding. Let's face it - once the day is over, all you have to remember the day is your pictures. This was the one part of the wedding that I really needed to be sure I would be happy with. The last thing I wanted was something like this:

Thank goodness I found Jennifer. I posted here about our engagement pictures, and my love of all things photography based. We found our photographer on Craigslist and haven't looked back. Josh and I are beyond thrilled with our wedding photographer, Jennifer at Emily-Waid Photography. Take one look at our engagement pictures and I think you'll see why! You can also check out our debut on her blog here... and check out some of her other amazing work while you're there!

We decided on a winter afternoon in February for our pics. Secretly, I was hoping that we would get some snow so we could have some awesome shots with a pretty white, snowy background. Well… my hopes were answered, and then some! Four days before our pictures were scheduled, Michigan was hit with a huge blizzard! We had 15  inches of snow dumped on us (which meant two snow days off from school for me!!) and spent a day just digging out from under the wreckage. However, Mother Nature’s snowy wrath turned out to be a beautiful backdrop for our engagement pictures.

We also decided that we wanted a few pictures taken at Yesterdog, one of our favorite casual places to eat when we’re in Grand Rapids. The atmosphere of the place is funky, laid-back, and retro. We dig it. I love the old advertisements on the walls and the fact that you can write or carve into the booths. Tons of fun! I was a little worried about all of the people who were there when we were taking pictures, but when you look at the pics you’d never know that we were maneuvering around a crowd of people.

I’m a big fan of how Jennifer edits pictures. I love the vintage-y feel of some of the coloring, and I ADORE the black and white.

So there you go! There are SO many pictures for us to choose from (this is just a SMALL selection), and I can't wait to see what creative things she comes up with for the wedding!

How did you choose your engagement picture location? Was it a meaningful place to you and your SO? Did it look great in pictures? Was it something you just stumbled upon? All of the above?

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