Sunday, April 10, 2011


[insert obligatory STD-related joke here]

I love paper. I’ve got a huge Rubbermaid container of various types of paper, stickers, ribbon, and embellishments just waiting to be used. This love of all things paper has, of course, expanded to love all things wedding paper. I had visions of creating a charming invitation suite, complete with Save the Dates that were entirely coordinated to match each other and my vision for the wedding.

And then I started thinking.

Our guest list is too big already. We’ve got a short engagement. We’ve got a tight budget for the number of people invited. Our wedding isn’t close to a holiday. About 90% of the people invited live in the same town.

Do we need Save the Dates?

Most people who are coming to the wedding already know what day to save. Few need to make travel arrangements, and we don’t have a holiday to plan around. We decided that Save the Dates, in all their papery cutesy-ness, just weren’t a priority for us. I would much rather have colored table linens, or photobooth props, or an extra appetizer instead of Save the Dates. For us, it just wasn’t that much of an issue.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be sending out Save the Dates, even thought it means I won’t be making any of these charmers for our wedding:



*sigh* I just love all of these... I guess they're one less thing for me to worry about...? Right?

Did you have a hard time deciding whether or not to do Save the Dates? What ultimately helped make up your mind? Are you happy with that decision?

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