Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get the Party Started!!

The music at the reception is probably one of the most important things to get the party started and keep the party going. The last thing we want is for our reception to be over at 9:00!!

While neither Josh nor I are extremely musically inclined, we’re fortunate enough to come from families that are. Whew! We both have quite a few people in our family who can sing or play a musical instrument, so we thought it was important that they were incorporated into our wedding. Since we haven’t formally asked anyone to play or sing at the ceremony yet, I’ll hold off on our plans for that right now. What I want to focus on is the big huge party after the ceremony reception.

 Josh and I went back and forth over DJ vs. Band. My uncle has been in a band, Bailey’s Comet, for years. They do covers of tons of songs and they’re a lot of fun. Any time they’re booked to play near us we make it a point to go watch. It only seemed logical that they be the main source of entertainment at the reception. But then we thought about all of the songs they’re just not equipped to do, mainly from the hip-hop genre. Now, neither of us are huge hip-hop fans, but we do have a few select favorites from that type of music, and we know the dance beats are great for filling up a dance floor.  Josh was also concerned with having someone to announce the wedding party, and handle the mic all night – basically keep the party moving.

So, we were torn. Band that we love, or DJ that we know everyone else will love…

We thought about it for what seemed like months (even though it was only a few weeks). We even talked to some DJs at the bridal show, who gave us a great deal on an entertainment package. However, it just seemed impersonal. The DJ didn’t, and really couldn’t, represent US. We hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided on hiring my uncle’s band. It just seemed to be the right choice. They can play almost any song we would want, and when they take breaks we’ll have an iPod going with more of the typical dance songs. We’re hoping it’s the best of both worlds for our guests – a good enough balance of music to get everyone dancing!

How did you decide on your music? What were the important points for you to consider as you chose entertainment for your reception?

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