Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remedying the Late Night Munchies

The last few weddings I’ve been to have had a late night snack brought out around 10:00. I love this idea and I planned on incorporating this into our wedding. We took a look at what the caterer offered and ultimately decided on some mini-sandwiches to help our guests *ahem* sober up a bit…

Then, about a month before our menu was due to the caterer, I checked out their page again. What I saw amazed me – We HAD to have it!

Weenie Wagon - photo courtesy of Adeline Leigh Catering

Yes. That would be a hot dog wagon, complete with two types of buns and a multitude of toppings: cheese, chili, onions, grated pickles, sauerkraut, ketchup, a few kinds of mustard, and more! I was immediately convinced that we needed this at our wedding, but Josh wasn’t so sure. He thought it was tacky, actually. So, I pushed the thought out of my head. Until a few weeks later. 

Fourth of July weekend we always go camping with Josh’s family, and this year was no exception. The only difference from previous years was that we decided to do a “Chicago Style” hot dog night. Each family provided a different topping, and we roasted big hot dogs over the campfire. It was a HIT! Everyone was raving about the combinations of toppings and about how delicious and fun dinner was. When I mentioned the possibility of a hot dog wagon at the wedding, everyone was completely on board with it. Luckily for me, that was enough to convince Josh that, even if it is tacky, people will love it.

We booked the hot dog wagon that week.

I might be more excited about the hot dog wagon than our actual dinner menu. And by “might” I mean “most definitely am.”

What did you HAVE to have at your wedding, regardless of what other people thought?


  1. Oh how fun!! We had a hot chocolate bar, because it was February. And I served peach cobbler, since it was a southern wedding.

  2. How fun, We both LOVE hotdogs!! The last wedding I was at had late night slidders..those hit the SPOT!