Sunday, July 31, 2011

A bit of a vent, and a bit of nerdiness

So, today marks 20 days until the BIG DAY! Wooooot Wooooot!

It also marks the date by which all of the RSVPs were supposed to be back. So far, we've had a response rate of 80% - which sounds good, but let me clarify. We did not receive 80% of our RSVPs back. Nope. It was probably closer to 50%. Quite a few people just relayed the message that they're going to make it. Ok, that's fine; it's a little annoying that I printed and put stamps on all these RSVPs for them not to be used, but it's better to know.

Please indulge me in a bit of a vent about what has been annoying me during this RSVP process:
  • People who don't bother to send in an RSVP, call, text, facebook message... nothing. And surprisingly, quite a few people who fell into this group have been through the wedding process and know the importance of guests who RSVP! I just don't get it. 
  • When we ask someone if they're coming, or if they sent in their RSVP, and they reply that they have to check the day. As if they haven't had 5+ weeks to check the day. (And the people who gave us this response don't work on the weekends or anything like that...) 
  • But, what takes the proverbial cake is the freakin US Postal System. AGAIN. Some of the people I've talked to have mentioned that they sent in their RSVP weeks ago (and I believe them - these people are on top of things). I have about a dozen RSVP cards that must be floating around the post office somewhere. I've received some that are post marked a week before I receive them, and some where the stamp isn't cancelled at all. It's ridiculous and frustrating, and I'm going to feel like an idiot when we start making calls to people who haven't RSVPed, only to find out that they did and we never received it. It makes me feel unorganized. UGH.
Whew... thanks for letting me do that. I feel much better now.

Moving on to my nerdiness. I've got an Excel spreadsheet with all of the numbers, lists, people, and supplies for the wedding - not surpring, right? I think every bride does that. I also made pie graphs to see the make up of people attending our wedding, and the make up of who has already RSVPed. Please, take a gander at the fruition of my nerd skillz (and yes, I put a z on the end to further nerdify myself):

These may be a little skewed since I've been working on getting all of my family's responses in, and we haven't had a chance to talk to some of Josh's family yet.

Ditto for above - I spent a lot of time yesterday tracking down responses from my friends and family.
I'm excited for how the numbers are turning out! Right now, if everyone who's left responds the way we're expecting (which we know probably won't happen) we'll still be 6 people under capacity. Now, it might be a little crowded in there, but I prefer to think it will be cozy.

It seems like everything is coming together! I can't believe that I will be married in less than 3 weeks!

Do you need to vent about anything? Feel free :) Or, how do you like to express your nerdiness?


  1. I was so mad about RSVP's with our wedding! I didn't count the casual, "Yeah, we'll be there" statements. ha. I made them state it officially if I didn't have a card.

  2. OH yea, love a post with a pie chart!!! Ugh what a stinker about the USPS and as if, people saying "they'll see: about the date and not RSVPing appropriateley. They should know better.