Friday, July 1, 2011

Come to our Wedding: The full reveal!

Close your eyes for a minute; we're going to do a visualization exercise: Let's pretend you're walking out to get your mail. It's a beautiful summer day with low humidity and a slight breeze wafting the scent of wildflowers. You open your mailbox, and amongst all the boring white envelopes holding bills and junk mail, you see this:

(You can open your eyes now :) )

Oooh, interesting. A square card! That's not something you see everyday! (And I can tell you why: The post office charges and additional $.20 to mail something that's square. Just because it's square. Yeah... I was a little miffed about that.)

 Close-up of the wrap around label :)
When you open the envelope, you see this charming green pocketfold with a cute little R medallion on it.

Wow... those Rs must have taken some time and energy to do!
Without wasting any time, you delicately open the pocketfold and see this lovely invitation suite. What a fun mix of fonts and colors, you think to yourself! [ok, I may have added that last little part]
When you pull out the inserts, you see this funny little RSVP postcard. How fun! An interactive invitation!

 Hotel information and a shameless plug for the blog on the Accommodations insert (blurred out to prevent Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn from attending... although that would be pretty badass)

And finally, info on the most important part: the food and party afterwards!

You replace the Accommodation and Reception inserts and gingerly close the pocketfold, sliding it back into it's envelope. Wow, you think, as you fill out your RSVP card. This is going to be a fun wedding!

Ok, so I may have taken a few liberties with that narration :) But there you have it!