Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I miss my blog. I know I haven't been around lately, and I'm sorry. But I won't go on and on about that... here are a few snippets of things that have been controlling my free time lately:
  •  I start teaching summer school Monday. I just got my materials yesterday. For all you non-math people out there, that means I have approximately 3 days to get my shiz in order. Yesterday I also found out what room I'll be in, which means I've done nothing to get my room ready. It's a small source of stress right now. I thought teaching summer school would be a welcome change of non-wedding things to do, but I'm starting to think I bit off more than I can chew. Thankfully, we'll be done over a week before the wedding, so hopefully my sanity remains in tact.
  • My weekend is full of fun stuff - which is super exciting to me - but considering the above point, I'm wondering when I'll have time to get stuff done. My second shower is today (YAY!), we were invited to a fireworks party tonight, and one of my ring bearers has a 5th birthday party tomorrow. Like I said, lots of fun!
  • Bachelorette party invites are done! Now, they just have to be put in the mail. I'm hoping we have a good sized group of girls, but I'll be happy with whoever decides to come. (Don't worry, I'll be posting about this in the next week, hopefully). 
  • We have had so So SO many issues with the post office. I didn't realize I had to do a ton of research to make sure we covered all of the post office's rules! When I worked in mortgages, we mailed "messages in a bottle" to our clients. Seriously, the post office will let a water bottle filled with sand go through the system, but charges more because my postcard is oriented "portrait" instead of "landscape." What is wrong with this picture? I found out three days ago that at least 3 of our bridal shower invites never made it to their intended addresses. The post office returned 33 out of the 48 invites we sent out, but some people received theirs just fine. Does that make sense? UGH it's so frustrating. (sorry for that mini-vent)
  • Wedding music is picked out (I'll be posting about this, too), and none of it is traditional. This makes me happy. Added bonus: my cousins will be playing the music themselves. Squeeeee!! I'm so excited about this. They're working on finding all of the music right now, and I love that they're just as excited as I am (ok, maybe not quite that much, but still pretty excited). 
  • Is anyone else a registry stalker? I love it. 
  • 35 days (5 weeks) until the big day!! Weeee!!
What's been taking up your free time lately?

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  1. UGH stinker about the invites not getting to the invitees! I was so woried about that with our save the dates that I took one to the post office with me to verify they gave me the correct postage..the USPS has such strange rules but I think it has to do with how the mail goes through the sorter. I hope you get the invites out in time to those that got returned.