Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinning My Hair

Whewwwwie! I'm so glad it's finally cooled off out there! Have any of you spent multiple hours with 17 7th grade boys in a non-airconditioned room? Well, I can now say that I have, and it's not always a nice smelling place to be. Anywho, while I've been neglecting my little blog here, I've been obsessing over Pinterest - and I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon of posting my pins on my blog.

Today's Pinterest edition concerns my hair. I still haven't scheduled my trial run (note to self: do that ASAP), and I've been checking out lots and lots of hairstyles on Pinterest. Here are a few that may make an appearance on the top of my head:

I love all the curls here! However, I'm concerned with my hair and the humidity in August. Those curls might be flat within an hour. Hmmm...

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Can't you just picture a peacock feather fascinator pinned in this oh-so-cute bun for the reception?

I like how this has some height on the top and the back is still nice and not too formal looking.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Beautiful. Low-key and sophisticated. Looooove.

This non-curly look would solve the problem of my curls falling flat...

If you haven't started pinning yet, don't do it. You'll become addicted and won't get anything else done. Just kidding. It's lots of fun - if you start, be sure to follow me at username amlr.

What have you pinned lately?

Oh - and I almost forgot! I'm linking up with Meg at Life of Meg for Mingle Monday! Stop by and find a few new blogs to add to your daily obsessions :)


  1. Hi just found your blog!! I love pinterest and I love that first photo!! I got married in Omaha Nebraska in the humidity and my hairstylist sprayed the heck out of it with some special kind of spray- ask your hair stylist and it will stay put!!

  2. These are gorgeous! I wish I could do this with my hair! :) Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  3. Those are all so pretty. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  4. I just pined that second photo last night for my trial and I'm now going to pin the second to last hair style too! I love them all and with a little okay ALOT of hairspray your hair should stay put all night!