Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Party Walks

Oh, yeah... remember how I got married in August? How about I recap some more of what happened. I got a little burned out from wedding stuff - I'm sure some of you brides can relate - so I stopped recapping. But, now that it's been a while since we walked down the aisle, it's kind of fun to look back and relive the day!

While my girls and Josh's guys walked in the processional, my cousins Karlee and Ali played Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls on their ukulele and flute, respectively. It was an awesome sounding song from what I could tell from my post in the back of the church!

My stepsister Heather and Josh's friend Josh

My sister-in-law (Josh's sister) Ashley (yes, we have the same first and last name now),  and Josh's friend Eric

My friend from throughout school, Ashley, and Josh's cousin, Tom

My friend from throughout school, Jenna, and Josh's friend from high school, Brandon.

My friend from throughout school (and wayyyy before that), Erin, and Josh's friend/co-worker, Gary 

My sister, Lindsey, and Josh's best man, Paul

The cutest flower girl and ring bearers ever - Quentin, Grace, and Carter. 
The boys are holding  plates that were custom made by Etsy seller LoveArtWorks. One is a peacock feather with our names and wedding date, and another is a custom painting of Diesel. I liked that there was a part of him with us on our day, too.  As I look at the picture, it cracks me up to see the ring bearers' boutonnaires. They were pretty mangled by the time we got to the end of the ceremony!

How did you (or will you) choose who stands beside you on your wedding day? Are you/will you be incorporating a part of someone/something who can't be with you?


  1. Ha I can totally relate, just got married two weeks ago and got back from honeymoon last night, I want to recap the wedding but the thought of it is just overwhelming, I feel I am over it already! I'll be back to it in no time I am sure!

  2. Exactly - it's overwhelming! I love looking back at the pictures, but I know I can't do justice to what I was thinking/feeling or what the atmosphere of the day was like because I was too busy enjoying it!

    I hope you wedding went beautifully :)