Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outlet Sales are my Favorite Way to Shop!

It's that time of year, folks! The Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2012 is in full swing starting today, and I'm one of the luckies who has a ticket for the first session.  This is my third time going with the same fun group of ladies (minus my friend Jenna, who can't make it because of the busy accounting season), with the addition of my sister! I'm really looking forward to scoring some great deals on some pretty, pretty things.

Part of the fun (if, like me, you like surprises), is that you won't know what patterns or styles are available until the doors open! Last year I was thrilled to see my favorite pattern, Baroque, in high quantities all around. I even scored a fabric bulletin board that will make an awesome piece of functional art once our office is complete.

Another part of the fun is that we leave our house at 2:00 AM so we can be in Fort Wayne by the time the doors open. It's about a 3 hour drive, but with all of the socializing, even at such an early hour, it goes by quickly! By the time you read this, I'll probably be done shopping and maybe even on my way home!

Here are a few things on my wish list (usually I'm not too picky with the patterns, so just about anything cute will do!):

Beach Towels! With the possibility of having a pool in the near future, pretty towels are a must. I picked up beach towels last year for my bridesmaids, and they were a hit! The quality is great - nice and thick and plush. This pattern is called Very Berry Paisley, and I have a feeling that since it's an older pattern, I'll be seeing a lot of it today!

Fabric Napkins! Now, I need to be a little more selective with the pattern so  they'll match my dishes, but I figured that even if I don't use them as actual napkins, sewing one together as a pillow cover or framing it as art could be fun, too! This pattern is Floral Nightingale, and I think it's adorable. 

What better way to brighten up a rainy day than with a fun umbrella! This  pattern is Happy Snails, and it's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. 

My poor Kindle Fire doesn't have a case, but I'm hoping that ends tomorrow.  This pattern is Baroque, and I have a lot of stuff in  it already. Will I be adding to that collection today? Possibly!

This XL Duffel Bag is the answer to all of my packing problems. It's HUGE , and the soft sides make it a dream carry-on when traveling. This pattern is Safari Sunset.
 The next two patterns were just released a few weeks ago, so they probably won't be at the sale today, but I've got my eye on them. Seriously, how fun are they!? I'm loving the first one with it's lime green and turquoise palette. I'm thinking it will be making an appearance at my home sometime soon.
Lime's Up

Doodle Daisy
Are you a Vera Bradley lover? What's your favorite pattern, past or present?

(all images courtesy of Vera Bradley)

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