Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Down on the Farm

It's Spring Break around these parts! And even though I'm working for a few days this week, my friend Ashley and her son Carter (one of the ring bearers in my wedding) have the whole week to themselves. Since I haven't seen them in such a long time, we decided to meet up yesterday at Josh's family's farm and spend some time with the cows.

Carter had a blast looking at the cows and riding around on the Ranger with Diesel. Diesel loved it, too. He ran around like he was a little kid with a new playmate. Of course, the very first thing we saw when we drove into the barn, was a bull and a cow participating in mating season rituals. Ugh. I've been to the farm dozens of times over the last few years, but never had I seen that before. It figures that the first time I drive up with a 5 year old it would be the first thing he sees! Oh well - it's a part of life, right?

We told him that the cows were just playing and having fun, so for the rest of the time he kept saying, "Which cow is different?" Then he would point to the big bull and say, "That one! Because he likes to have fun!" It was pretty comical!

He danced in the aisles and attempted to feed the cows, who just backed away in fear. I don't think they're used to  small humans running around with them :)
Diesel and Carter rode around in the Ranger together. Diesel was in 7th heaven.  Ranger rides are his favorite thing!

I tried to get him to pose for a picture with the cows, but there was so much going on that it was hard to get him to look at the camera!
We also took a trip to the sand pit. The farm has a giant hill of sand which they haul into the barns for the cows to sleep on. The sand pit is a source of fun for just about everyone, dogs included!

Diesel and Carter rand up and down the sides of the hill. Diesel was thoroughly enjoying himself, and I think Carter was, too.
Carter would climb to the very top and exclaim, "I'm the king of the castle!" Then he would look up into the sky to see how close he was to touching it. It was pretty cute :)
King of the Castle!

 We had a great time hanging out around the farm. We also took a trip to my aunt's house to see her chickens, goats, bunny, and duck. Carter was having a blast until he backed up into the duck's water bucket, spilling it all over and plopping down onto the wet cement. It was hilarious for us, but not so much for him. After a change of pants, Carter and Ashley headed home for the day.

Are you on Spring Break? What plans have you made so far? Do you have any exciting farm stories from your past?

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