Monday, October 17, 2011

Feels Like Home: Seating our Family

First, the girls got ready, then we put on finishing touches. You got to see the church from a guests point of view, and now it's time for the ceremony to start!

As the grandparents and parents were seated, two of my cousins played music. They played the flute and saxophone, and completely nailed this song:
(I'm told this is in Twilight, which really bummed me out, but it's just such a beautiful song - especially with their instruments!)

Josh's grandma, escorted by Josh's sister's boyfriend, Jason

My stepmom's parents, escorted by my brother, Justin

My dad's parents

My mom's mother

My mom's father. We are beyond thankful that he is still with us (actually, he turned 80 yesterday!). He had quite a scary time in the hospital for almost 100 days last year. The weather made it hard for him to walk, but his goal was to walk down the aisle at my wedding, and he did it :)

My stepmom and my brother

Josh's parents

My mama, looking oh-so-hot in her dress.. and trying not to cry :)

Next up: My girls start walking!

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  1. that song is def. beautiful! looks like a beautiful start to your ceremony!