Monday, October 10, 2011

Feels Like Home: Girls Gettin' Gorgeous!

This is it! The first of my wedding recaps. Are you all as excited as me? Probably not.... but you should be! Jenn and Paul from Emily Waid Photography captured some amazing images throughout the entire day, and I can't wait for you to see them!

We'll start at the beginning - Getting Ready! We got ready in a salon down town that Josh helped renovate. Since he does architectural drafting, the salon owner came to him for some drawings. He incorporated the archways you'll see in some of the pictures and made sure everything ran smoothly. I LOVE the feel of this salon - very rustic meets glam. Perfect for our wedding!

Getting ready was so much fun. I loved having the people that mean the most to me around for the entire morning. We could talk, laugh, and relieve a little stress. It was just what I needed for the morning!

At this point, my hair and make up was done, but I was less than impressed with my make-up application. I had paid to have a girl in another salon do it, and I was surprised when she pulled out her own stash of make up. Nothing professional quality at all. If I had wanted that, I would have done it myself! So I ended up doing quite a bit of touching up. (I think the streaks on my forehead are from the chandelier lighting... I don't remember having such awful lines on my face!)

My mom got a little choked up... about every ten minutes. 

And she fidgeted with her hair about every ten minutes, too.

My stepsister, Heather, getting her hair curled!

Erin, finally getting a chance to do her own make up!

Josh's sister, watching from a distance while the rest of the girls get their hair done.

Chandeliers and authentic tin stamped ceilings throughout the entire salon. Perfection!

My oh-so-adorable flower girl, Grace. She's 6 years old, and by the end of the night she told her mom that this  "was the best day of her entire life" :) I agree, Grace.

Bridesmaid Ashley :) A newlywed herself!
I passed our guest book around so my girls could write in it before they got too busy. The notes they left are some of my favorite :)
I think Bridesmaid Erin did everyone's make up before she even had a chance to do her own!

I loved my sister's hair. It was so chic without being "formal" or stuffy.
A nice shot of the whole salon - it had such a relaxed feel, and we were lucky to have the whole place to ourselves.
Don't you just love old buildings? Or are you more of a modern salon person?

Up next - Heading to the church!!

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