Monday, October 3, 2011


The other day I posted about Grand Rapids' world wide art contest - ArtPrize! On Sunday, Josh and I, along with his parents, went to check out lots of the amazing art entries this year.

The Top 10 were announced last Thursday, so we tried to see as many of them as we could. I think we saw 8 of the top 10... plus some that were amazing but didn't get top billing.

On the bus heading downtown. They have a deal where you can park at one of the places (Frederick Meijer Gardens)  and catch a bus down to where the majority of the exhibits are.

My in-laws :) 
Big monkeys dangling from one of the foot bridges. They were so much fun!

Ocean Exodus - one of the top 10 entries.

Under Construction - another top 10 entry. These guys are live statues!

I don't remember what this is called (so sorry!!) but it's made out of tiny plastic tubes filled with  bbs (beebees?) . I thought it was amazing how lifelike this person made little plastic balls look!

Can you guess what this sculpture is made out of?


This picture does not do it justice. This is the world's largest portrait made from SEQUINS! It's so glittery and fun - a definite favorite of mine.

Lots of people outside of The BOB

Let me explain - I used to show Jersey cows when I was little.  My grandpa had a small farm :) Josh's family raises Holsteins (the omnipresent black and white cows), so we have a little running competition about the better breed. Clearly Jerseys are better - they made it in an Artprize entry!

I think this is my absolute favorite. It's a top 10 entry called President Ford Visits Artprize. Present Ford  is well -loved in West Michigan, and this wax sculpture was drawing a huge crowd. It's so lifelike, and such a fun concept. Mrs. Ford's wax sculpture is in process (on the far left of the photo).

Again, this picture does not do justice to this massively impressive work of art. This is a mosaic entitled Crucifixion. Yes, it's made of teeny tiny little pieces of tile. It's impeccable, and also a top 10 contender. Many people are saying it's going to win. You can't tell from the picture, but it's HUGE - about 2 stories tall is my guess. So beautiful.

Fun woven rainbow paper

I loved this massive installation of cut paper. It was SO meticulously done - I can't imagine the hand cramps from  the X-acto knife!
Close up of the cut paper installation

This was a series of panels made from copper, bronze, and blood. So interesting, and yet, kind of disturbing.

Cast iron frying pan map! Gives a whole new meaning to 'panhandle,' doesn't it!

These three pictures are another top 10 entry - Grizzlies on the Grand. They're so cute!

One direction looks like a fist, and the other looks like a person bending over backwards. 

Two different entries - 1,000 flowers made from recycled and painted water bottles in front of a massive car!

A Close up of another top 10 entry - Rain. I LOVE this piece. It's tiny pieces of paper strung together and hung from  the ceiling. It's got beautiful movement and the paper reflects the light just like raindrops in the sun. It also turns in a circle, giving it so much dimension. 

Josh liked the Lego man :)

This oil painting was SO unbelievably life-like. It looked like a scene out of Toy Story or something. Impeccable!

Rusty the Junk Yard dog is another top 10 entry. He's made from recycled found metal and objects. Super cute! He even has a ball that he's chasing through the lawn :)

This is my former college's window. At first I thought it was shattered, but it was an Artprize entry! This is made from glue and watercolor. It's so lifelike in person; I had to touch it to convince myself it wasn't real!

If you see something you like, please please please go to to learn more about the artist. I feel awful about not having the full names of the pieces and artists - they definitely deserve SO much credit for all of their hard work.

What types of art do you like? Abstract and far out, or realistic and tangible? Are you a painting person or do you prefer sculptures?

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  1. What a great experience you had... I love urban art... arty that integrates the city and its inhabitants!