Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feels Like Home: From our Guest's POV

So far we got pretty and put on the finishing touches. Then it was time for the wedding to start!

If you were to attend my wedding, you would have noticed a few things:

You would have seen the church, looking much like this, if you got to the wedding more than half an hour before the ceremony started.

If you were there within half an hour of the ceremony start time, you would have been dodging  all of these crazy raindrops as you made your way to the church.

The beautiful green and blue altar flowers would have definitely caught your attention, with their peacock feather sticking out for some added whimsy.

My adorable cousins would have handed you a program so you  knew the order of the ceremony. Later, you'd realize you didn't need it because the pastor chose not to follow the order anyway. (Don't even get me started... seriously)

If you had good eyesight, you would have noticed two galvanized buckets full of dirt, one with my monogram and one with Josh's, next to a tree up on the platform.

If you could see this super cute bow, made my my mother-in-law, then you must have had a great seat :)

One more time for the altar flowers. I just loved them.

The details of the intricate woodwork in the chuch sure would have caught your attention...

And, as you watched the slideshow of pictures from my and Josh's childhood, you would have anxiously awaited the time for these girls to start playing the processional.
 Once they started playing, you would see the grandparents and mothers get seated, and know the ceremony was about to begin!

All photos by Emily Waid Photography - go check her out, because she's great!

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