Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Details: The Table Numbers

I knew I wanted to incorporate Josh's and my love of wine somehow into the wedding, but not in an obvious way. I didn't want purple, or grape vines, or a Tuscan feel, but I wanted to be able to use all of the wine bottles we had collected over the course of a year or so. We decided to put the bottles on the tables to hold the table numbers. I loved this idea! 

We sorted through our bottles and pulled out all of the good ones (meaning they were blue, green, or clear, and in good condition).

I adore the blue of this glass!

Pretty pretty green :)

And clear - only used because we didn't have enough blue or green for all of our 34 tables. 
Josh's mom volunteered to take the labels off one day, which is why these are full of water and soaking in a cooler.

I did not have the foresight to keep the corks, unfortunately, so I had to buy some. I got a package of 50 on etsy for about $6 or something like that. Not too shabby! Josh's mom found the perfect paperclips to hold the table numbers, so all we did was unbend them a little bit and stick them in the cork:

Josh's sister and my sister cut out the table numbers and glued them back to back so guests could see the number from both sides. The finished table numbers in the corks:


The finished product:                            

You can probably see what we did next. Josh's mom had the perfect size of adhesive labels laying around, so we printed up a menu to put on one side of the bottle, and seven fun facts about Josh and I as a couple for the other side. It was important to me to keep all the typography the same throughout the entire wedding, and this was a fun way to incorporate some of my favorite fonts from the invitation suite.

Well... I think that's the end of the Little Details I wanted to show. My photographer will have my pics back soon, and then I can start recapping! I've got about a million other things to blog about, so cross your fingers that my internet connection will be nice to me :)


  1. we are totally doing the same thing for our wedding! I've been saving bottles for months now!