Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Details: Guestbook

Argh. Another week goes by since I've made a blog post. It's frustrating, really, because I have plenty of time to do these posts. What I do not have, however, is an internet connection strong enough to sustain multiple uploads of pictures. It took me over an hour to upload these 5 pictures. Seriously. I have time, but not that kind of time.

Anyway, another small detail from the wedding was our guestbook. I absolutely adored our engagement pictures by Emily-Waid Photography, and wanted to do something special with them. Way before we were even engaged, I bought a Groupon for a photo album by Photobook America. It was only $35, and it was good for any product up to $115 - a complete steal! 

All you do is go to their website and download their software. It was really easy to use (and no, they're not sponsoring this post - I just like their product a lot!) and even kept track of which pictures have been used, and on which page(s). They have premade layouts, or you can go the route I did and design your own pages.

I was pleased with the result. We had the book on display at the wedding ceremony for people to sign, and then also at the reception next to the gift table. One regret I have is that we never announced where the guestbook was at the reception or reminded guests to sign. Oh well! I still love it.

 Some pages got a lot of attention:

While other pages got none:

My favorite page got a little bit of graffiti:

I got a mustache - Haha! I probably should be mad about it, but I think it's kind of funny.

I love how it looks on our bookshelf in the living room. Obviously, the shelf is nowhere near being completely styled, but it's a good start.

Have you found any good deals from Groupon? 

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