Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I realized I haven't posted much about Diesel, our dog. Josh and I sit around all the time laughing at him because he has such a unique, strange personality. We often comment on not knowing what we did for entertainment before he came around. Here are a few pics of our boy:

I tried to do a little photoshoot with him in the yard a few weeks ago.

He was less than thrilled. This is his annoyed look. Notice his ear that stands up more than the other  :) We call it his special ear... lol. Yeah, we're dorks. 

I was trying to take pictures of him, and he thought he was in trouble for some reason.  Any time he thinks he's  done something wrong he puts his head down, his ears go back, and he rolls over on his back, usually on top of whatever he's done (like digging holes in the yard, or tearing up a piece of paper)

He often does this stupid stretch thing, where he puts his butt way up in the air. It's cute the first  few times, but it SO annoying when you're walking behind him in a confined space (like a hallway) and he decides to take a few minutes and stretch. It's like UGH just MOVE already!

Loves his Frisbee! Hands down the best $.99 I've ever spent at Petsmart!

Josh and his dad were planting our unity tree from the wedding, and Diesel thought he needed to lay right on top of the dirt pile so he could watch the action. He kept running through it and kicking dirt up onto us innocent bystanders :)
I never thought I was a dog person until Josh surprised me with him one Sunday morning. He's so much fun and we are so happy to have him!

Tell me about your pets! Or, are you a no-pet person?


  1. Super cute puppy! I have four furbabies and love them all so much.

  2. Adorable dog! I have my own, but she lives with my parents as they have a yard. She does the stretch thing too-- can definitely be annoying if she's right in front of you!

    And thanks for your comment on my blog, I think I found a new one to follow :)

  3. He sounds like our dog Jack. We..well Groomzilla has a dog and a cat...I LOVE the dog like he is my own..the cat not so much..I feel like she does things to spite me, like get into all my wedding stuff! LOL. Jack sleeps upsidedown too with all four in the air, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and just laugh at him!

  4. I want a dog soooooo bad!! But my husband and I are sooo busy all of the time and are currently both working really long days so we just can't justify getting one right now...maybe next summer...I hope!