Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Duct Tape Flowers

The other day I was reading The Pioneer Woman, and I came across the cutest post/tutorial that was prompted by her daughter - Duct tape flower pencils! Have you seen all of the colors of duct tape they make now? It's insane. Even animal prints have made the cut - which makes me a little happy on the inside :)

I thought of putting together a few duct tape pens the other day (while I was bored) and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Seriously, if you have kids or students (or really anyone who appreciates decorative office supplies), these are a really fun project that hardly take any time at all. I suggest you follow Pioneer Woman's tutorial, because I didn't take step by step pictures. And she's really good at the step by step thing.

I assembled all of my supplies - each roll was on sale for $3.99, and the green sheets of tape were free with the purchase of a roll. Yes, that's tye dye duct tape. (and garlic hummus lurking in the background. be jealous)

The finished product! (Wasn't that quick!) It was actually really easy to do, too.  Just a lot of ripping and folding and sticking and repeating. Super simple!

A full body shot (I've been working on my camera skills, so if the pics seem a little weird, that would be why!)

Looking at the top of the pen.
What's your favorite office supply? Or am I the only nerd who loves the office supply aisle of the store?

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  1. Well aren't those just the cutest little pens ever!

  2. Visiting from Mingle Monday. That flower is a great idea, I need some craft ideas for fall.