Monday, September 19, 2011

Brain Dump: Weekend, Blogs, TV, and more!

Since I don't have the time (or internet connection) to flesh out full posts for each of these things on my mind, here's a brain dump:

  • Josh and his friends/family re-did our roof over the weekend. We had perfect weather, and it was a great opportunity for me to break out my new Fiesta dishes since we had to feed our workers :) Another bonus from the roofing project? Lots of scrap plywood left over! That means I'm one step closer to making an upholstered headboard! If anyone has recommendations on awesome graphic patterned fabric, please let me know :)
  • I didn't get a teaching job this fall. Honestly, I wasn't surprised. I should have applied for more jobs over the summer, but I was SO busy with summer school and the wedding that I just didn't make it a priority. Well, student loans start getting paid back in about a month, and I'm unemployed. I'm subbing when I can, but let's face it: sub pay isn't that great. I'm looking ALL over for any form of teaching job, and I've even resigned to the fact that I may need to take a non-teaching job. I'll settle for just about anything at this point!
  • Because I've got nothing going on in my life, I'm super excited for fall TV to begin! I'm looking forward to How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Modern Family and Parenthood to return. Also, New Girl, Up All Night, and 2 Broke Girls look like they may be promising sitcoms. I never watched as much TV as I do now that I have DVR. Who's with me?
  • Speaking of TV, has anyone been watching Project Runway? Thoughts? Joshua McKinley is bugging me - he seems to have a sense of entitlement and a diva-ish quality about him that not even Gretchen had last season (I did not like her at all). Bert also bugs me. I've had enough of the rude comments and childlike behavior. I do like Laura, and I liked Becky. I'm interested to see how far Anya can make it before her sewing skills catch up with her. Girl always seems to pull it off at the last minute! Although, that could be fine editing from the reality TV folks, too. So, what do you think of this season so far? Predictions?
  • Here's a weird thing I keep thinking about regarding blogging: How often do you comment on other people's blogs? I read them religiously - my reader is full of subscriptions, and I know it's strange, but I feel like I know a lot about the people I read. The thing is, I rarely comment. Not because I don't want to, but because I usually can't get the site to open (another internet connection excuse), or I have limited time before my battery dies on my MiFi. Then, when I do comment, I feel like a stalker. Like the blogger is probably thinking "who is this person and why is she only commenting on this one post?" I feel especially guilty when I enter giveaways like this (and that's why I rarely enter giveaways). Anyone else out there with the same problems? No? I'm the only crazy one? Ok, then...
  • What blogs should I add to my reader? If you're reading this and we're not friends on Google Friend Connect, you better be leaving a comment so I know who you are! Who do you read frequently that I'm missing out on? Oh - and if you know of any good teacher blogs, please let me know. I'm looking to add more education oriented blogs to my reader.
  • Josh and I have gift cards to Target and Kohls that we received as wedding presents. Any suggestions on something we should buy? What's something you have that you can't live without? We're all set with kitchen things, but I'm looking for ideas for other areas of the house. Sometimes it's easier for me to picture it in my house when I see/hear about it from someone else rather than just look at it on a shelf at the store. 
That's it for now, I guess. What's been on your mind lately?


  1. haha i rarely comment either..and when i do, it's usually for the same blogs.

  2. I'm also someone who rarely comments! I read a bazillion blogs religiously but feel a bit strange if I post...except for this one right now! I don't think I've commented on any of yours so far so hi! I'm Amanda! Hehe xx

  3. Hi Amanda :) Glad you commented!

  4. I try and devote one day a week to catch up on my over 100 blogs that I follow!(you're included!) I always try and leave a comment but it IS time consuming!

    I also watch more tv than EVER because of DVR. TV is great right now though!