Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Details: Flowers for my Girls

This was one of those little details that I came up with on a whim and cost virtually nothing. My favorite kind of project! I had a lot of help with this one, too - just like all the projects for the wedding. Josh's mom and sister were oh-so-kind enough to help me out with this crazy idea!

I thought about making hair flowers out of fabric for my flower girl, which morphed into making them for my bridesmaids and hostesses, too. It only took about 3 hours to get them all done, and I think they're adorable!
First, we cut lots of different sizes of circles out of different types of fabric. Most of the fabric was given to me by my aunt, so it was free. It was left over from the card box she had made. There is still a ton left over - we could probably make 100 more flowers!
Then, the edges had to be melted so the fabric would curl a little. This was the most fun, yet the most stressful part. It seemed like it only took a split second for the whole piece of fabric to be up in flames!
Lots of layers of circles waiting to be sewn together.

Josh's mom and sister sewed the layers together - about 7 layers per flower.
If you look in the background, you can see the silver beads that became the centers of the flowers. Josh's mom had these in her craft supplies with the original price tag - $.35 for the whole long strand!

Blurry picture of the finished product
Here are all of them we made, minus a few white ones that didn't really turn out. We hot glued them to aligator clips, and they're all set for my girls if they choose to wear them!
I love them! I don't know if any of the girls will want to wear them, but they can keep them for the future if they want. My flower girl will have a white one for the ceremony, then a pink one for the reception. We made pink ones for my cousins who are passing out programs since the pink matches their dresses better.

What's a quick, cheap project you've thrown together lately?

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