Monday, August 8, 2011

Fiesta! Forever!

One of the things Josh and I talked about while preparing to register was our lack of need for "fancy china." Neither one of us saw a practical use for it, and we didn't feel comfortable adding 12 $100+ place settings to our registry (nothing against people who have fancier china - it's just not our thing). We wanted something fun, useful, and bold - so Fiestaware was our answer!

We both loved the colors, and the price was much more affordable. If something breaks, we won't have to put a mortgage on our house to replace it! I had visions of mixing and matching our place settings, and I knew we couldn't pick just one of the many colors. In the end, we registered for twelve place settings: 4 of each of these fabulous colors!

Peacock - fitting, right?
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I'm happy to report that we've received ALL of our place settings of Fiestaware, plus EVERYTHING else we registered for! Platters, baking dishes, even the adorably shaped pitcher were gifted to us. We have the best family and friends :)

My first piece of Fiestaware - a platter in Peacock sent all the way from my friend Amanda in Minnesota!
I love that we have a brand of dishes that are considered classic, even if the colors turn out to be dated in twenty years. I'm always on the hunt for Fiesta in antique stores, and maybe I can one day pass along my 'vintage' pieces to my kids!

Do you have any Fiesta pieces? What are your must have colors?

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