Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you Heartsy?

By now, it seems like everyone has heard of and fallen in love with Etsy. If you haven't, go to that link and prepare to be amazed and watch your time dwindle away as you scour the site for every little piece of adorableness imaginable. (The jist of Etsy: people make handmade things and sell them here. It's like a giant virtual craft show full of anything and everything.)

Now, I may have been living under a rock, but the last few months I've fallen in love with Heartsy. It's basically Groupon/Living Social for Etsy, where they focus on 5-6 shops and offer at least 50% off their goods. And, if you're a VIP, you get sneak peeks and even more money off! It's fabulous! I'm not sure how I found it, but I have found SO MANY deals it's unbelievable. Seriously. I've purchased two sets of necklaces and earrings for the wedding - pictures to come - along with photography and bath and body products.

One of today's deals is $28 for $65 worth of merchandise at zhuzhudesign. Look what that could get you:
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Sparkly Ametrine six petal flower necklace 14K gold  $62

Gold plated swirls with mystic quartz drop in pink 14K gold $36

This might be my favorite: Micro faceted chalcedony flower necklace, $58

So, if you're an Etsy lover like me, go score yourself some deals! You can use my link (I get a credit if you sign up and make a purchase) or go on over on your own - just do it now!

If you already use Heartsy, what's your favorite purchase so far? Or, if you're new to Etsy, what do you see that you love?

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  1. I get the emails but haven't bought anything yet! Slightly worried that if a start, I won't stop....then there will be no wedding...because we will be broke...hehe :)