Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wanna Play The Price is Right?

It's no secret that I've always been a HUGE bargain shopper - and that urge for finding good deals has gotten even stronger now that I no longer have a cushy bank job from which to collect a paycheck. I'm always shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and... whatever they call the day after Christmas, so I can find a good deal. This year I added 'day after Halloween' to my list of days to go shopping.

I didn't decorate for Halloween this year, which kind of bugged me. I've never been one to decorate a ton for a holiday, but lately I'm finding myself drawn toward elaborate vignettes, charming DIY displays, and cute little decorations for all of the different holidays. Maybe it's the teacher in me? Who knows. What I DO know is that I scored some major loot yesterday at Meijer (a regional grocery/department store, kind of like Wal-Mart), and I'm looking forward to putting it up in our house next year.

Check out what I got, and see if you can guess what I spent (without going over, of course!):

Glass and metal yard stand that actually works through Thanksgiving (disregard the unkempt flower bed behind it...)

Metal pumpkin trick or treat sign

A metal sign (glittery!) and metal pumpkin wreath (also glittery!)

Crow, Owl, skeleton, two candle holders, a Yankee  Candle tumbler (in Candy Corn!) and 12 Yankee Candle tealights

2 pumpkins, and two signs (they're still in the boxes here)
I adore these pumpkins!!

And a cute little ghost cookie plate
I also got some spider web stuff and glow sticks, but I figured you all know what those look like :)

So, did you guess how much I spent?

If you guessed $40.71, you would be correct!! I was floored at the 75% off sale, and ended up saving a whopping $115.50 had I bought them at full price. Now they're all packed away in a little tote in the basement, waiting 363 days until they can be used again :)

Do you do a lot of decorating for holidays? Where are the best places to find deals?

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