Friday, November 4, 2011

FInally - the PWC! (Almost)

After over 2 months, I finally said goodbye to my long locks and had my hair chopped off - The Post Wedding Chop, if you will. I fully planned on taking pictures to show all of you, however, the electrical system in my house had other ideas.

I was flat ironing my hair, and when I was about halfway through, sparks flew out of my flat iron and the room went dark. GREAT. There I stood, half dressed in a dark room with not so much as a glimmer of light from the window. I flipped the light in the bedroom. Nothing. Same in the living room. Of course, those are the only other 2 rooms with mirrors, so naturally, they'd be on the same fuse/circuit/electrical-jargon-I-don't-understand as the bathroom. Thankfully, the lights in my kitchen were still working and sort of lit up the living room, so in the half-light I was able to attempt to put my make up on and throw my hair up in some semblance of a half-updo. It's a sad look today, folks.

BUT - As soon as Josh gets it fixed, I'll have PWC pics to show. I was a little nervous, but... oh well. I think it looks OK, and it'll grow fast.

OH- and we're not getting the house I posted about (and pinned about) here. It's a bank-owned property, and they just kept countering at a price that we felt the house wasn't worth. Oh well - the search continues!

Have a great weekend :) Hopefully I'll get a few wedding recaps done, too.

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  1. Your hair is gonna be grown out again before you put up pics :-p